Make it easy... get it right!

Cardboard boxes/paper: packing boxes, office supplies, stationery.

Branches/leaves/grass clippings: branches, leaves, grass clippings – no soil, no garden edging.

Furniture: lounges, sofa bed, bed frames only, free standing wardrobes, tables, chairs.

Whitegoods: refrigerators, freezers (upright and chest), washing machines, clothes dryers, stove/oven. **All food/perishables MUST be emptied and put in council wheelie bin – not skip.

Building/milled timber: timber that has been milled and is used for building purposes.

Renovation – bathroom: built-in cupboards, vanities, baths, shower recesses, basins, tiles.

Renovation – kitchen: built-in cupboards, sinks, tiles, flooring material, built-in stove/ovens.

Renovation – building: timber, wall coverings, floor underlays/coverings,

Asbestos: asbestos can be found in wall coverings/sheeting, floor coverings, ceilings, fences. If in doubt as to whether it is asbestos – please call a professional before demolition.

Soil: garden soil, dirt, fill, mulch.

Bricks: building bricks, masonry bricks, pavers.

Concrete: concrete pavers, slabs that have broken, concrete fittings on the bottom of posts removed from the ground.

Mattresses: all mattresses, including sofa mattresses, cot mattresses and ensemble bases.

Tyres: any tyres for a vehicle – with or without a rim.

Fire Extinguishers: household or commercial fire extinguishers.

Oil/tins: any size oil tin – wet or dry.

Paint/tins: any size paint tin – wet or dry.

Chemicals – household: bleach, chlorine, cleaning chemicals.

Chemicals – pool: chlorine, cleaning chemicals.

Chemical – yard/pesticides: insecticides, herbicides e.g. round up, fertilisers.

Batteries: wet cell batteries i.e. any vehicle battery.