Call Handi Skips for Townsville Rubbish Removal

When you need Townsville rubbish removal, there is one company you need to call, Handi Skips. We all know how overwhelming the accumulation of clutter and debris can get. The thought of collecting all that rubbish and trying to fit it all into rubbish bins or bags just makes your heart sink. The prospect of that drudgery is what led to this mess in the first place. You look at your Townsville property and just don’t know where to start.

Start with a call to Handi Skips and arrange to have one of our skips delivered to your property. We specialise in Townsville rubbish removal. We can assist you in determining just the right size skip for your needs and will have it to you in a jiffy.

We offer various sizes of skip. Our standard size skip can hold up to 2.5 cubic metres of material and a load limit of 1 tonne. Our largest skip is the industrial skip which has a maximum volume of 16 cubic metres and an impressive weight limit of 10 tonnes. There are five other skips of various sizes inbetween to provide precisely the right capacity and price point for your Townsville rubbish removal project.

When you have loaded your skip with all that unwanted debris, we haul it away and your job is completed. No torn rubbish bags. No breaking up of material so it will fit in dustbins, just pick up the rubbish and throw it in the skip. That’s what we call Handi!