Make One Quick Trip to the Landfill with Skip Bin Rental in Townsville

Clearing out your yard is a task that every homeowner has to perform at some point, but a lot of people put it off for as long as they can because they’re afraid it will be difficult and time-consuming. Imagine trying to fill up your car with garbage bags and then drive everything out to the landfill, only to have to come all the way back, get the next load and repeat the entire process. That’s not something anybody wants to spend hours of their time doing. Why not consolidate the process with a skip bin rental? Townsville residents can easily fit more waste into a skip bin than they can into their own vehicles, drastically reducing the number of trips needed to take everything to the landfill and successfully clear a yard.

Skip bin rental in Townsville can be conveniently arranged through Handi Skips, a local company with 25 years of experience (and counting!). With our spacious skips (up to 16 cubic metres of volume for our largest size), you should be able to get everything you need cleared from your yard into the landfill in a single trip. All bins come equipped with a drain hole in the base in case of rain, too, so you’ll be able to transport your waste materials effectively in nearly any weather.

Taking out a skip bin rental in Townsville from Handi Skips is the perfect way to save yourself time and energy the next time you need to move large quantities of waste. Call us today for more information on the many different skips we have available, and to inquire about current pricing.