Help Protect the Environment with a Green Waste Skip Hire in Townsville

Handi Skips is an environmentally conscious company, which is why we offer green waste skip hire in Townsville. Often natural debris such as tree limbs, grass, leaves, and soil ends up cluttering landfills. However, this is not the best place for such materials. Tree and grass clippings, as well as soil, can generally be used for composting and creating fertiliser, which is why we deliver your natural rubbish to facilities that can transform it into something useful.

We make disposing of green waste trouble-free for you. You fill the bin, and we retrieve it. Once it is in our possession, we check it, separating any non-green material that may have ended up with the rest of your green waste. This process helps us ensure only natural debris is disposed of at green disposal facilities, while the other materials also end up at their appropriate destination.

When you get a green waste, skip hire in Townsville from us, your neighbours will know you are doing your part for the environment, thanks to our signature pink bins. You can feel pleased with yourself that you are doing something useful for the environment, and you can help motivate your neighbours to do the same.