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Where Asbestos can be found around the home:

Bathroom/Toilet/Laundry: Asbestos cement sheeting used in walls, ceilings, floors; Hot water pipes set into masonry walls; Lagging on hot water pipes

Living areas: Insulation in wood heaters; Asbestos cement sheeting beneath heater hearths

Kitchen: Vinyl floor tiles; Backing to cushion vinyl flooring; Hot water pipes set into masonry walls

Exterior: Flat, patterned and corrugated wall and roof sheeting; Imitation brick cladding; Lining under eaves

Backyard: Garden sheds; Garages and carports; Dog kennels

Vehicles: Brake linings; Clutch linings; Adhesive products

Commercial or industrial buildings: Coating sprayed on beams for fireproofing; Wrap on pipes and boilers; Sheeting in roofs and walls

Other: Electrical meter boards; Ironing board covers, Heatproof mats



Asbestos laws for homeowners, renovators and owner builders
  1. If you are removing more than 10m² of bonded asbestos, you will need to get an asbestos removal licence or employ someone with one
  2. Safety precautions must always be taken when working with asbestos
  3. Asbestos waste must be immediately double wrapped or double bagged in thick plastic, sealed with tape and labelled with an appropriate safety warning
  4. Asbestos waste must be disposed of at a council approved site as soon as possible
  5. Asbestos must never be cleaned with high pressure water cleaners, compressed air or cut with power tools (eg. circular saws, sanders, angle grinders)
  6. Removed asbestos must never be stored, sold or given away.
Requirements for an Asbestos Removal Certificate

If you are planning to remove 10m² or less of bonded materials containing asbestos, you do not require an asbestos removal certificate. However, you will still need to take safety precautions to minimise asbestos fibres getting into the air.

If you are planning to remove more than 10m² of bonded materials containing asbestos, you are required to:

  • use a business with a current “A” or “B” Class asbestos removal certificate to do the work, OR
  • obtain your own asbestos removal certificate.

For more information about the health risks and government rules and regulations, check out and

Asbestos and Handi Skips

Here at Handi Skips, we are licenced only to TRANSPORT asbestos. It must be removed by someone with an Asbestos Removal Licence, or the owner (if it is less than 10m²). All asbestos (and other waste contaminated by the asbestos) must be placed securely inside a Hazibag that will be supplied by us at the time of ordering your skip bin and included in your price. We no longer accept asbestos that is wrapped in plastic – ONLY HAZIBAGS.

Included in the price that you will be quoted over the phone, when you call our office, will be the cost of the skip bin hire, the Hazibag/s required for the amount of asbestos being transported, the delivery and collection fees of the skip bin and all associated costs of the paperwork and dumping fees at the local council transfer station.

It is your responsibility to ensure the asbestos is removed safely and efficiently to reduce the exposure to dangerous fibres. Your Hazibag will be sealed in a bag, you will need to open the Hazibag and lay it in the skip before loading. The driver will secure the load when it is being collected. It is also your responsibility to load the asbestos into the Hazibag without overfilling it. It must then be sealed (zipped shut) as soon as possible to again reduce the exposure to airborne fibres.

Asbestos must be kept separate from all other materials. If there is ANY DOUBT whatsoever as to whether or not the material is ASBESTOS, please treat it as asbestos.

As all of our skip bins are taken to our yard for sorting and recycling, ILLEGAL DUMPING OF ASBESTOS WILL BE FOUND.

If asbestos is found loose in a skip, hefty fines will apply. All fines incurred by Handi Skips from the Local Council and/or Environmental Protection Agency will be passed on to the customer and may be referred to Collection Agencies in the event of non-payment.