Call Us When You Need Townsville Large Skip Hire

Do you need Townsville large skip hire but don’t know who to call? The easy answer is Handi Skips. Call us, and we will have an affordable large skip at your Townsville property at the appointed time. Our large skip is 3.5 metres in length, 1.5 metres in width and 1.25 metres in height, for a volume of 6 cubic metres. The load limit on our large skip is 1 tonne of material. This size is one of our most popular sizes of skip.

If you are concerned that our large skip may not fit your needs, you can arrange for an extra large skip that will increase your capacity to 10 cubic metres. You will be surprised how affordable Townsville large skip hire can be for your home or business. All our standard skip rentals include delivery, pick up of the skip, the allotted tonnage of waste, and five days of use of the skip. Longer terms are available at an additional charge. Contact us about our available loading services as well.

There is no reason for you to allow that debris to accumulate on your property when Townsville large skip hire is so easy and affordable. Once that rubbish starts to pile up, you know exactly what will happen. You will be staring at it forever, and people will be tripping over it for years. Get rid of it now. You need to put that waste somewhere, why not right in our large skip?