Call Handi Skips When You Need Large Skip Hire in Townsville

There is a reason you see all those bright pink coloured skips all over town. Handi Skips provides the best service and competitive pricing on large skip hire in Townsville. No matter what type of waste removal you need, we have the right skip for you.

We can even haul asbestos. We have a specific program for the disposal of asbestos from your property. When removing asbestos, there are very strict rules you must follow. We do not remove the asbestos from your building; we merely haul it away.

Contact us if you need to haul away asbestos. If you are removing less than 10 square metres of asbestos bonded material, you do not need an asbestos removal certificate. However, if you are removing more than 10 square metres, you must have one.

We will provide you with a zippered Hazibag for asbestos transport. You will place all the asbestos or asbestos contaminated material in the Hazibag, and then simply pop that bag into your skip. The bag must be zipped tightly closed after all the material is inside it.

When you call us on the phone to discuss asbestos disposal, we will quote you the price for the large skip hire in Townsville, the Hazibags required for the quantity of asbestos you need to transport, and all related documentation and dumping fees for the asbestos at the transfer station. It is imperative that all material contaminated by asbestos is treated like asbestos, as failure to comply with these strict rules can lead to significant fines and penalties to the customer. We can help you ensure that you meet all the requirements.