Large Capacity Concrete Skip Bins in Townsville

Whether you are a demolition company or live in a house in need of a good decluttering, concrete skip bins in Townsville from Handi Skips is what you need. We carry a range of skips to suit almost any need, and we offer fast and reliable service.

When you contact us, we take your order and deliver it to you quickly. We understand your time is valuable. You can leave our containers out overnight, in the sun, and in the rain. They are durable and suitable for any climate or working conditions.

Commercial demolition and construction work creates a significant amount of waste. You need somewhere to put the debris while you work, and one of our containers is the perfect choice to keep your job site clean.

Nails, wood beams, concrete, steel and rebar posts, fibreglass insulation, and other rubbish pose dangers to your workers. Protect your employees with one of our high capacity rubbish disposal containers. Our concrete bins are suitable for any concrete, debris from building renovations, old or broken slabs or pavers and more. If you need to throw it away, we are here to help.

Concrete is heavy and difficult to dispose of without the proper equipment. Our concrete skip bins in Townsville are heavy duty containers suitable for any amount of concrete debris you need to remove from your property. Our containers vary in capacity from one tonne to ten tonnes, ensuring we have what you need, no matter the amount of concrete you need to move.

When you want concrete skip bins in Townsville, check out our online registration and booking options and place your order.